Saturday, October 13, 2007

Separated at Birth: We gonna rock down to Electric Superman/And then we'll take it higher

Superman #123 and #149
L: Superman v.2 #123 (May 1997), art by Ron Frenz and Joe Rubinstein
R: Superman v.2 #149 (October 1999), art by Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema
(Click picture to electri-size)


Dan Coyle said...

I liked Strange Visitor. Too bad she was an assertive, fun loving female in a DC comic.

Shane O-Face said...

When i turn into a being of pure electricity, I too will have a costume with arrows pointing to my crotch. there is no other possibility.

by the way, who is the electro-being-person-thing on the right, and really what was the whole deal with the electric superman?

byrneward said...

Tell ya what's "strange": Her shoulders are exactly the same width as Superman's!

Brian Smith said...

I was working at the University of Missouri's TV station when the Electric Superman storyline was first announced, and I wound up taking my copy of "Previews" to the station so they could scan the image to use next to the anchor's head. There was this weird excitement when I brought it in -- which anchorwoman Lynda Loveland promptly deflated when she said, "He looks like an ice skater!"

(ok mostly i just wanted to say i used to know anchorwoman lynda loveland)

Marionette said...

I'd never heard of Strange Visitor before I saw this, but I looked up the story and she is a neat character, even if she had one of the most stupid names in the history of comics and an unnecessarily complicated origin. Did she ever appear again after this introduction story?

The Mutt said...

I didn't care for the idea of Electro Glide in Blue Superman (in large part because it nearly ruined one of the best bits in JLA), but I'm really glad they recycled the costume. It's one of the best designs of the last couple of decades.

Erin S. said...

O.k., completely off topic, I have to ask if anyone else noticed the line in Lynda Loveland's bio that goes:

"I'm a big dog person, both literally and figuratively."


Brian Smith said...

OK, that, I didn't catch when I made the link. My guess is that "both literally and figuratively" was referring only to the word "big"...she's a big fan of dogs and a big person who's a fan of dogs. (She's around 6'1", maybe a little taller.)

Let the derailing of the topic continue!