Thursday, June 21, 2007

You dad-blasted kids, get off my universe! Dagnabbit!

The DCU: where sidekicks go to die:

Batman #428

Death of Kon-El

Detective #809

Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13

But don't worry, kids...if you're lucky, we'll bring ya back!:
Batman #638


Allen said...

I'm expecting Bart to be brought back somehow, but back to his teenaged self -- some sort of "plucked from the timestream" something or other. If any character can reasonably have a hosed timestream used to bring him back, it'd have to be Bart.

Here's hoping, anyway.

Bully said...

I'm expecting Bart to be brought back somehow

Oh, despite my final line up there, I'm not worried about them bringing him back--as I like to say, Rule #1 of superhero comics is "There is no story than cannot be undone." I'm just lamenting the crosshair and the happy trigger-fingers DC seems to have for its teen characters in recent years (yes, I know Jason Todd is going back some).

I don't expect any heroic character to be "immune" from casuality. It's just mroe shocking when you consider how light and fun Impulse was as a character.

EM said...

You seem to be even more bummed over Bart than you were over Captain America, Bully. Maybe you need to have a glass of lemonade and sit outside in the shade a while.

Skipper Pickle said...

Zombie Teen Titans, anyone? :/

Skipper Pickle said...

And as soon as i've said it, i regret ever voicing it aloud. Even in jest.

And it WAS a jest.

Jeff said...

You have to wonder why DC heroes even have sidekicks anymore.


Anonymous said...

I adored Impulse. He was fun. He had crazy hair and crazy adventures. I'm sadder over his death than I am over Captain America, or Superboy.

I'm now worried for Tim Drake, because having your mother, father, girlfriend and both best friends die on you within the space of two years is not going to leave you as a model of mental health, especially when your mentor/father is Batman.

Steven said...

Hey, ONE of Tim's girlfriends came back from the dead!

Then tried to kill him...

Yeah, Tim needs A LOT of therapy.

SallyP said...

*sigh* I'm just sick of hero deaths. It's getting old. I'm glad that they brought back Wally of course, but Bart didn't have to die, just send him off to the Legion or de-age him back into Impulse or something.

Let's stick to killing off innocent civilians instead.

Marionette said...

Poor Bully, you do not seem your usual cheery self lately.

I recommend getting yourself over to the BBC website and having a listen of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue and The Now Show.