Monday, January 22, 2007

Bull in chimp's clothing

National Gorilla Suit Day BannerIt's never too early to start getting ready for one of my favorite holidays, January 31: National Gorilla Suit Day. As Mister Andy Williams often sang: "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I can hardly wait! I bet I can barely get to sleep on National Gorilla Suit Day Eve! I still have a lot to do: I need to mail my National Gorilla Suit Day cards, and hang up the coconuts, and get out the National Gorilla Suit Day carol CDs! And now I'll be gibbon you a little warning: you've only got nine days more to check your g-suit, so pull it down off the shelf, shake out the mothballs, sponge off the mashed banana stains and try it on!

Here I am trying on mine. It fits perfectly!:
Gorilla Suit

If your gorilla suit doesn't fit or is full of holes, maybe it's time to buy a new one. You can get one just about anywhere at this time of year as every store from Target to Piggly-Wiggly is stocking their National Gorilla Suit Day merchandise. If you can't find one where you shop, may I suggest checking the internet? For example, here's one at Amazon. " They're the price chimpions."

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SallyP said...

I'll only do this, if there is also a "Dress up like a Goat" day.