Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Makin' Kevin beaucoup jealous.

Sure, he's got the fame, the wealth, the babes, the cool-lookin' blog, the Boing Boing traffic, and exceptional skill in photographing toys, but what have I got that Kevin "BeaucoupKevin" Church don't have?

A: An advance copy of the new Pet Shop Boys Catalogue book from Thames & Hudson!

Pet Shop Boys book! Ooooh, shiny! So shiny that like a vampire, it's hard to take a photo of it.
So reflective you could defeat Medusa with it. (PS: That sticker peels right off.)

Pet Shop Boys book! Almost 2000 illustrations, over 1700 in color, meaning every single one of your favorite albums and single releases gets featured in depth, including rare collector's items Kevin probably has squirreled away in his Uncle Scrooge-like Pet Shop Boys bin. Lots of photography in colors so candy-bright you wanna lick 'em! But don't.

Pet Shop Boys book! Also features stills from all of their videos plus filming history, and lots more besides: Christmas cards, Literally magazine, interviews, chronology, concert images, one-off special events, tour programmes, introductory essay and histories plus the proverbial much much more.

Pet Shop Boys book! It's the perfect gift for you or your pop-savvy friends.
Buy one, buy several, buy one for Dusty Springfield.

If you're a fan of Pet Shop Boys, there's no better way to celebrate their twentieth anniversary than popping on a CD or vinyl of their tunes and settling down in a comfy armchair with a cup of hot tea and this book. Kevin, stop drooling, 'coz your copy will be in your hands towards the end of September. The rest of you can find it in starting in early October at your local bookstore (as always, support your independent bookseller!), or if you can't find it or want it by mail, click to the right to pre-order it through at a discount. Tell 'em Bully sent you. If you don't, how can you expect to be taken seriously?

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